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Here is a list of things that really piss me off about my mother:

– she clearly had bipolar disorder and anger management issues, but she refuses to face them

– she only ever brings up her “tough childhood” to gain sympathy from other people, including me

– she’ll get pissed for no reason other than to yell and demean me, then she’ll turn around and take me nice places or buy me nice things as a bribe to forgive her and love her

– she’ll say she’s one way (“I’m not a racist!”) and then turn around and act exactly like she she said she isn’t

– she’ll tell me she’ll let me do whatever I want and then yell at me for being lazy and selfish

– she promised me that she wouldn’t force me to be a vegan, but that is exactly what she’s doing, taking away my protein and calcium by not allowing me to eat meat or refusing to buy me milk

– she’ll say she doesn’t discriminate or judge people who I’m friends with, and then she’ll judge them and gossip about them the minute they leave like a jealous schoolgirl

– she’ll say she accepts me as I am then turn around and judge me for the things that I like and say and do

-she’ll get pissed at me and yell at me over something stupid or something that’s her fault then cry about it and make it like she’s the victim and ask for comfort from me, but when I refuse she’ll threaten me and blackmail me (i.e., “If you don’t hug me, I won’t take you to prom”).

– she’ll whine and complain about people who force their religion on other people and then she’ll turn around and do that, saying that her religion is the only right religion

– she doesn’t trust anyone with the “responsibility” of keeping me alive outside of her presence regardless of their friends or family

– she’ll yell at me for trying to correct her when she is very clearly wrong

-I’ll calmly tell her something about her that I’ve noticed that isn’t right or socially acceptable and then she yells and cries and accuses me of “parental abuse” even though it’s clearly not

– she’ll guilt-trip me into pay attention to her when I’m busy by whining and complaining that she’s a horrible mother and that she failed as a parent

– she’ll constantly make my father out to be some horrible monster who is incapable of raising me properly, even though he’s completely innocent, and she’s kept us apart for all seventeen years of my life

– she won’t give credit to the other family members who helped her raise me as a child and claims that everyone abandoned her when she had a child out of wedlock with a man that was in love with her even though she had no feelings for him in return

– she’ll twist my words and other people’s words to make her look like the good guy even though she is at fault

– she refuses to admit she’s wrong, even when it is painfully obvious

– she believes that I have to be god-like, perfect, and completely without faults while she’s able to be human and fail

– she holds grudges against EVERYONE, including myself, and she uses it against them to point out their faults

– she’s insensitive to her younger brother, who suffers from clinical depression, and tells him that he needs to “get over it and move on because his depression is ruining everyone’s day”

– she is selfish and she has to make everything about her or she’ll get upset and throw a temper tantrum

– she’ll call me a lazy ass and a whiny b****, but then she’ll saddle me with a s***-ton of housework while she sleeps on the couch or browses on Facebook

– she’ll never take responsibility for her actions and she’ll always blame it on other people or events

– she lets herself be so easily influenced by other people’s opinions and melds herself to that image so she can brag about her accomplishments and show off

– she’ll whine and complain about being overweight but then she won’t lift a damn finger to do anything about it

– she thinks that I’m supposed to be happy and carefree all the time, and she’ll get pissed and yell at me when I have a bad or when I’m angry or sad, and she’ll say that I need to get happy again “or it’ll ruin her day”

– to her, I’m not allowed to have fears or worries or stress be cause I’m “just a teenager, a little girl” and “teens don’t know what real stress is”

– I have no privacy because my email, my Facebook, my cell phone, everything is traced and tapped by her

– I can’t even discuss these problems with my own family because she’s convinced them to convene against me as he personal spies, and she had the arrogance to tell me that they were her spies

– she’ll get pissed and snap at me just because she’s tired or doesn’t feel good or “just because I’m there”

– she acts like a spoiled child and whines about everything, and she expects me to coddle her

– she clings to me like I’m the only thing that supplies her with life, and she won’t let me go anywhere without her because “the world is too dangerous for a ditzy, silly girl like you”

– I have to succeed at the highest level or else SHE’LL be embarrassed by me and never speak to me again

– she’ll constantly interrupt me when I’m trying to talk because apparently I “talk too much” and she “gets bored and disengages from the conversation”

– I’ll try and talk to her about anything, whether it’s important or not, and she’ll just block me out until I ask her if she heard me and she’ll turn and say, “What? I wasn’t listening to you”

– she’ll tease me and torment me about the things I like just because she doesn’t like them

– she hates it when people swear AROUND me, and yet she’ll get pissed and swear AT me for no reason

– she’s too impatient, and I’ll LITERATELY be about to do what she’s asked me to do, and she’ll shove me aside and say, “Fine, I’ll do it! God, you take so god damn long to do things, you lazy ass!”

– SHE was the one who wanted to get a dog yet I’M the one who cleans up after it

– she is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of mowing the lawn herself, but she’s TOO GOD DAMN LAZY and forces ME to do it during the time I COULD be spending doing HOMEWORK

– I’ll go and do something to relax and all of sudden there is a s***-ton of stuff I suddenly need to do


– she says she’ll do something for me but then she’ll complain about doing it WHILE SHE’S DOING IT


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