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Posted by on 2013/04/26 under Uncategorized

I’m having a s***ty day. My mother has managed to piss me off ONCE AGAIN simply by being herself. She’s been a vegan for six months, and she swore to me that she would never force me to be one either, but she’s depriving me of meat and anything that comes from animals. I told her that she’s going back on her promise, which I don’t tolerate AT ALL, but she started yelling at me and saying that I had “no right to tell her what she can and cannot do” and that “I’m your mother and I will tell you what you can and cannot do” even though that’s exactly what she thinks I’m doing. On top of that, I’m on the worst day of my period, and I’m sitting her typing this while bleeding profusely. I would love to go to the nurses office and ask to call a family member to bring me another pair of pants (since mine have now been soiled with blood), but the only one who has a spare key to my house is my Grandmother, and she’s can’t operate machinery because of the biopsy and lumpectomy she got recently to remove an invasive tumor. My mom is at work and can’t leave to help me (not that she would, or if she did she would b**** and complain about it the whole time), and no one else has a key to my house. So now I have to suffer through eight hours of school covered in blood and hiding it behind my purse and under my shirt. And I’ve survived until my senior of high school without being noticed or bullied or abused or teased or having rumors spread about me, and I don’t want to start as being known as The Bloody Girl. If I had a choice, I’d never have a period again, and I’d never have to worry about it again. If I had a choice, my mother would actually be considerate and not selfish and bratty. I can’t stand her anymore! She’ll say she’s one way and then act completely different! (i.e., “I’m not a racist!” “I’m a true vegan!” “I would never mentally or emotionally abuse my only child!”) And she constantly antagonizes my father for never being around me as a child but he wasn’t there because she didn’t think he was “fit” to raise me. She’ll complain about his mother, my Nana, and how controlling she is and how she forces her religion on people, and then she’ll turn around and do just that AND ONLY TO ME!!! I’m sick and tired of her bulls***, and I’m seriously so close to just snapping and strangling her! And she knows she pisses me off like this, and she’ll buy me nice things to try and bribe me to forgive her. “Oh, you’re mad at me because I yelled at you because I was tired? Here, let me buy you a PS3 and two new games and whine about how I’m a terrible mother and how you don’t love me so you can tell me I’m a good mother and that you love me to boost my ego and reassure me that I have a tight leash around you.” I’m going to be eighteen in June, and I CAN’T WAIT TO BE OUT OF THIS GOD DAMN HOUSE!!

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