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My boyfriend does not open doors for me because he thinks it is sexist. He believes in gender equality and thus does not treat me to gestures which he thinks undermines this. He says that if he is expected to do these things, we should revert to acting like a married couple from the 1950s where I cook him meals every day. While I love his views of equality, and I love his respect for me, I cannot agree that chivalry is sexist. As a seventeen year old young woman, I am more than grateful for living in a society which offers me almost limitless freedom; there are no gender restrictions in my life. HOWEVER, that does not mean that a little bit of courtesy cannot go a long way. Men and women ARE different, and where this in no way should be restrictive, I think sometimes it is nice to acknowledge our differences. What’s wrong with behaving in a manner which shows respect? Is a man opening a door for me out of respect any different to my standing up to offer my seat to an elderly commuter? Is a strong man offering to help me undo the jam jar lid because I physically cannot sexist? Can I not plan to have a successful career in international relations or law or some other area where I use my brain and also be treated like a lady? Just because I can change a tyre on my car doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like another commuter to stop by and offer to help me. I do not see chivalry as an act to undermine women, simply as a way for a man to be polite. Politeness indicates respect, and isn’t respect what feminists want? That goes to say, women should return the favour; if he wants I will open a door for him. I just don’t see what all the fuss about opening a door being sexist is. The door opener, whether male or female is simply providing you with a gesture of respect.

One thought on “Chivalry isn’t sexist

  1. Mero says:

    You are right~ what did he say when you told him all that?

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