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If i was really to put myself out there, maybe people would like the real me and not the fake stuck up bimbo but the girl who is funny as hell, and a great friend and lovable. I always wondered maybe it is better to be upfront and show my tomboy side and not the stuckup side, but if i do that my family would ban me. So either way i would never win, i live my life by what everyone else wants, and i know everyone is like be who you are but if i do i get serious consequences.
The true me is always hidden,and maybe thats why guys like me for only appearence then after that they dont care about the real me, but its my fault too because the things i say are so not me, and some guys know and get dissappointed. Who wouldn’t get dissappointed, i would hate to see a two-faced person acting like a bimbo when i know the true her even before she got pretty. I could be a comedian hippie, tree lover pot head- but im to the public a bimbo that is strict on religion and too cool for anyone.

2 thoughts on “2-faced

  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem is, that once you start acting like someone you are not, you mold into that “fake” person and eventually lose who you are at the start. Being yourself is the most beautiful thing in a person. And someone will fall in love with exactly who you are. Don’t change because you have to, or you feel like you will fit in more. No! Just be who you are, and do what you love to do, because in the end that is all that matters ok? Good luck .xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had this. But you have to realise that you are a beautiful person not matter what. When you are youself boys like you its not just about how much makeup you have on. For some boys that is imporant, but there not the good boys that you should bother taking notice of. Just be yourself, who cares about the consequences, explain to your parents what makes you happy, because they are your parents and they just want you to be 🙂 keep smiling, hope this helped 🙂

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