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So recently things have got worse. I remember the first day of secondary school, I was actually so excited, the lesson’s where fun, I had millions of friends and I was skinny and most people commented on my ‘beautiful long blonde hair’ and ‘bright blue eyes’ I remember that the most popular boy in the school asked me out on a date and I could have got my 3 year crush if I wasn’t too nervous to ask him out. The years went passed and my skinny frame started to disapear, I cut my long hair to a normal length and got spots and wasn’t ‘beautiful’ anymore. People stopped noticing me, and eventually I just turned into an average girl at school. It wasn’t like I was ever popular or anything like that I was just happy and people found that attractive. Recently I lost all my friends and haven’t spoken to them in months. Things have changed so much. I have depression. And anorexia. And most likely OCD. I also cut. Nothing helps ease the pain as much as starving though. On avearge everyday day I would eat about 500 calories and its starting to get bad now because I can’t stop it. I made an ana ‘anorexia’ buddy and we send each other tips and thinspo and talk to each other about our problems and its good because it keeps me going. Because at the moment nothing alse matters then being skinny. Its running me down eating this starvation diet though because I know its not enough. I made new friends however although most of the teachers are worried that there not the right type of people to be hanging around with, and let’s face it, with the problems I have at the moment thatere really not going to help me. I don’t trust them either. I’m so fed up of getting the bus all on my own, and sitting on my own and being on my own at school. No one talks to me I’m literally like the invisible person. So much things have happened I have gone from being a happy boy to a sad miserable and mucked up one, what should I do… PLEASE HELP.

2 thoughts on “EVERYONE COMMENT- I need help

  1. a friend says:

    At least you have one friend and dont do anorexia for too long, caus ei did and it got to the point where i didnt look attractive i looked like a skeleton, but maybe you need a new activity try a sport, or just do something you would never do maybe its gives you a feeling of excitement:) and everyone is beautiful who cares about those other ppl they suck i bet

  2. Anonymous says:

    No matter how hard it is, you have to accept yourself and love yourself in order to get better and see change. Bodies change as we grow. We don’t stay skinny forever we get curves and muscles and we begin to look more like an adult! What you need to do is look on the inside and realize who you really are. Looks are not everything and people are attracted to a happy person in the end. Also remember that you don’t have to be “just another Average” person in school. Stand out and follow a passion and you will not just be one of them! we are all unique. Good luck .xx

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