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Today, as I write this, I realize I have become someone who I said I will never be. I was the nicest guy you could ever find, always willing to help anyone and happy. Today, I am the worst a****** ever. “Let the hate flow through you” this is what my brain is constantly telling me. All of these is because of how the society has treated me. The world around me has created a monster. The world around me has turned me into a monster that hates everything. Specially the girl. The girl that I love, the girl that I treat like a princess, the girl that I care about so much, the girl that I would die for, the girl that I would do anything for, the girl that stole my heart, the girl that means the world to me, the girl that makes me the happiest guy in the world…….the same girl who broke my heart, the same girl who pretends I don’t exist, the same girl that ignores me completely, the same girl that broke up with me for no reason, the same girl that says she hates me now, the same girl that makes me the saddest guy in the world, the same girl that I mean nothing to, the same girl that doesn’t care about me at all……….ahhhhh but it’s all useless to discuss now, as my brain says to my broken heart, torn soul, and tired body: “let the hate flow through you” I agree, the only way to not feel the pain is by becoming someone who I never wanted to be: a person who hates everything, I’m turning over the dark side, it seems a better side to be on in this world. This is what you have done to me G. If I ever meant anything to you, please come back, otherwise I shall keep hoping and wishing that one day u will realize what you lost. I hate this world so much. I hate everything. f*** u b****, f*** u motherf***er, f*** u little piece of s***, f*** u c***, f*** u a******, f*** u.
~from someone you used to know

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