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I just…I don’t know anymore. Life is so difficult. I want to end it so bad. Who would care? Only a hand full of people, that’s who. Not really anyone would care. I’d be old news in a few days. That’s what I feel like right now. There is no purpose in life for me. I am nothing to the world. I have so many dreams and goals for the future, but who cares? I can’t achieve them with this horrible pain in my heart. Not just my heart, but my soul. I am nothing. Worthless. I would die for anyone, I try so hard to help anyone I can. I help people with their problems as much as I can. I am a friend to everyone, but…maybe I just want a little love back. I try to ignore this empty feeling, but it’s becoming something I can’t handle anymore and I fear it will soon affect everyone I love. Maybe I should just end it, but I don’t want to, but it’s what I believe is best. I just don’t know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t end it, because it may only affect a handful of people, but I’m sure that handful of people are the handful of people you least want to hurt in the entire world.

    Unfortunately, people like us have to endure this, and it’s not fair, and it sucks, but we have to. The consequences of not enduring is something I don’t want to think about. I want to see my family’s happy moments, my younger siblings thrive in life, and I myself want to make the damn best of my time on this earth.

    We got it hard, compared to everyone else that walks and talks, but it’s up to us with what we do with that hardship. It’s a lot easier (and a lot more selfish) to end it all, but if we battle this, and win, we end up far stronger then we’ve ever been before. I can only hope you read this and it reaches you in some way. If you ever need to chat, just post on the main wall under the life section and ATTN it to Tank.

    My thoughts are with you.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont know you but that doesnt matter. Please don’t end it. No one wants that. I promise you that. I am just a random stranger and I dont want you too. We werent meant to kill ourselves. Thats just not the way its supposed to be. There could be so much waiting out there for you, if you just looked. Please

    1. Chandrakumar says:

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  3. Here to listen says:

    They are right.

    You are worth so much more than you realize.

    From what you’ve said, you sound like an incredible person. All you do to help others with their problems is amazing. Being that selfless is something we should all strive to be. And I don’t know what all the people you’ve helped would do without you. I’m sure they appreciate it more than you know.

    And I understand the pain. Believe me. Feeling like there’s no point in continuing is the hardest thing to pull through. But, I know you can make it. I know it seems impossible. But there are so many reasons for you to stay. So many people who need you.

    And the dreams you have for the future do mean something. You hold onto those. You keep them in your mind. They’ll remind you that there’s hope. That things can get better.

    Some people talk to a counselor. Some people take medication. Some people talk to a friend. One person I knew just went on long, long walks sorting out his thoughts. There are a lot of ways to slowly start climbing out of the nothingness. You just have to know in your heart that even though it seems impossible, it can get better.

    The people around you need you. And you need them. If you want a little love back, all you have to do is ask. For a hug, for someone to talk to. It’s amazing what people can do for you.

    Don’t ever, ever, ever give up hope.

  4. Summer says:

    I…can’t believe it…..people actually read what I posted. And what you guys said really made me tear up. I want to end it so bad I feel as though I am too weak to go on anymore. I am always pissing people off or myself. I hate myself. I wish there was a stronger word than hate. I do feel better though that there are people who actually care. Even if you guys are total strangers, your comments brought a true smile to my face. If you get this comment please email me at: <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected]

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