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I don’t know what I should do. I’m tired of how my life has been going. I feel like I do the same thing ever day. I’m a mother and a wife, don’t get me wrong I love my child and my husband but I feel like it’s ground hog day everyday. I use to be a herion addict but not anymore. So it makes it hard to not think about that kind of stuff when I don’t have any friends anymore because I can’t be around those kind of people anymore. So I just makes me thing about all the old times. I know that it wasn’t a good life then but I always think about it in a good way for some reason and the friends. What is wrong with me? I think if I had things to do I won’t think about that stuff as much. I miss having friends. My husband is my only friend. I just don’t know what I should do to help my life and make me more of a happy person. I could never go back to that life now, I didn’t have a child then and I would never want to do that to her. I just wish I had some answers and could just snap my fingers and I could fix it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it is hard to juggle a child, marriage, and a job. And we never have time for ourselves and it is not fun. I would give yourself some “me time” even if that is just once a week. Make friends with other mothers who understand your feelings. I know things are tough, but concentrate on the moment. Do what makes you happy, and just love and smile. Good Luck .xx

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