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Posted by on 2013/03/11 under Uncategorized

I failed two of my classes. My love life is a mess. I won’t get hire anywhere I go apply to. My school sucks. I can’t drive. Everyone I know moved away, I moved away. Everything is just going down the drain……. I don’t even know what to do anymore. Who to turn to or even where to look for an answer!!!

One thought on “I fudging hate my life!!!!!!!!! ARggggggg

  1. Anonymous says:

    cheer up, I’m in a similar situation as you. I’m failing classes even though I’m trying my best. Haven’t talked to another girl in ages every since I broke up with my ex a few years ago and I’ve changed over 8 schools and multiple houses. Not much I can do but you know, I’ve adapted someway or another. I hope you have better luck than I do, wish you the best =]

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