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Posted by on 2013/03/11 under Uncategorized

not gonna lie, i think life just hates me. BUT, it’s because i hate life too. i like to spit in itz face once in a while. And when it drives me into the ground, i crawl into my lair (room with curtains down) and submerge myself in games, internet, anime etc. and because of this repeating process my social skillz have diminished to the point i can’t hold a job. Hi! or welcome! or may i take your hat sir? all of it just rips a hole in my chest. AND then because of that i’ve come to the point i can’t stand talking to people. not because i hate them. mainly because.. i’m scared of them.. i guess..
this is just a random bs post by an anonymous. if you’ve read it, thnkyou. but just look at other ones..

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