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Posted by on 2011/08/11 under Uncategorized

wow.. you really are writing a lot and everything!! I feel the same way honestly why the hell else would I want to be your friend so bad!! just being close to you makes me feel okay! i have a friend! someone i love and cherish next to me and shes mine! my friend! she loves me too!! and to think we could make each other happy makes me nervous wanting to faint.. i miss hugging you like no tomorrow!! i want to hug you and pretend that it was us. She a great girl but maybe not the girl! i wish we could have happened so it would have been fact! not speculation! either we would have worked or we wouldnt have but now ill never know! :/ please keep your doors open you never know what yu got till its gone but im still here just dont shut me out completely that would be twice :c

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