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I often question my faith as I do not understand why God would take someone away and leave their family and friends in such heartache? My sister was a fighter since she breathed her first breath and was until she took her last breath. She was born with heart difficulties and the list of what was wrong with her was a page long but she was always smiling even though how much pain she was in. Her being the older sister she was and still is my role model as she was so strong which is something I’ll never be after loosing her I put on a smile to pretend I’m fine but its slowly killing me inside knowing I’ll never get a hug from her again. When I visited her over in Newcastle Upon Tyme she’d lost so much weight and it was the hardest thing saying goodbye to her brought us both to tears. After he heart operation she went into a coma we then went back to see her. She didn’t look nothing like herself it was awful brought me to tears seeing her that way as she didn’t look like Laura my sister. I held her hand and she squeezed it this gave me hope I prayed for her to wake up whilst I was there. I wasn’t expecting it my mum came back to the flat we were staying in and told us that she was dying my heart smashed into a million pieces I could never had prepared for that day to come. I fell to the ground and screamed calling God names as he was taking my only sister away from me and leaving me so alone without her. I would never want to put anyone through what I felt that day. Later that night we went back to the Hospital I took my last and final hug before they turned her life support off the only thing keeping her alive. Watching her take her last breath and dying infront of my eyes was the worst thing I could ever imagine it was like God was punishing me. We were pratically joint at the hip but knowing she wouldn’t be there to tell me good night and that everything was going to be okay makes me feel ill because Im so alone. I’m surronded by friends and family but no one could ever replace my princess of a sister. Not a day goes past when I dont think of her and all the things we could have done together and I often bring myself down as I could have been a better sister but Laura loved me no matter what and I loved her and I still do. Miss her everyday just wish she was still here… 03/04/93 13/02/2011<- worst day of my life and no day will compare. Rest in Peace my beautiful barbie doll xxx RIAC

2 thoughts on “Death…

  1. Lena says:

    Im sorry for your loss…. Me, my point of view is that when someone is dying, God isn’t punishing them… He’s testing them to see whether the dying persons family will be patient…. If someone in my family died, i would stay patient because i believe in an afterlife meaning that hopefully we will meet again after death… <3

  2. Superchick1821 says:

    hey, I am sorry for you loss… I just lost my grandmother (who I was very close to) back in October of 2013. It came suddenly. we knew something was wrong but by the time the doctors figured it out, she had about a week left. she died of cancer… God takes people away because He is using them in a bigger way. People could come to know Him through their funeral. yes, it doesn’t seem to make sense but He does this to test our faith and to bring us closer to Him. Also to glorify Himself. WE may not know the answer until we get to heaven but rest with the fact that someone, somewhere probably came to know Christ because of it. and that
    He is drawing others closer to him.

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