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Maybe if I write this down it will make more sense. I went to this anime convention with my friend last winter. we had a lot of fun except for this really weird situation.

This isn’t really about me, it’s more about this boy that I met at the convention and my friend. He was a 18-19 year old and my friend and I were 16 year olds. He came up to us and started to talk to us, as soon as he left my friend turn to me and said that she had an big crush on him. I don’t know how she could have a crush on a person that she just met, and if you asked me, I thought he was very weird. ( he was cute, but I would never date a person just because of their looks.) In the end it wasn’t my life so I told her if we see him again l will let her talk to him in private. Sure enough we found him again in the dealer room and I left her alone with him. I was still in the dealer room I was just at a distance. I started talking to other people but still kept an eye on her just in case if something bad happened, but soon enough she came up to me and told me that she got his number. I was a little weirded out sense he was really old compared to her but I simply smiled and said that’s great. Anyway it’s turns out that one of the event panels that we were suppose to go to had been moved to a night time panel. I was I little scared because I heard an anime convention at night time was like a college party but I really wanted to go to that panel so I decided that I would go anyway. It was about 11 pm (our panel was at 12pm.) When we saw that boy again but this time he was with a girl who wasn’t follow the dress code for the anime convention. You know those kind of girls. I was a little confused sense I thought I thought he like my friend. I looked at my friend to read her face but she didn’t really gave any reaction. Anyway for the hour we made a little group of friends (people came and went but a few people stayed with us through the whole night.) The guy that we met earlier was one of the people that stayed with us and the girl that didn’t dressed right was with him. He really had a big crush on the girl who didn’t dressed right, at least that I could tell. As time pasted we talked to our little group that we made in one night (I felt so popular for once.) until I herd a gasp (I have really good sense of hearing.) I turned to where the sound was coming from and saw the girl who didn’t dressed right. She was making out with some person I never saw before and the person gasping was the boy that we met earlier who like the girl who didn’t dress right. After he realized of what happen, the boy turned around and sat right back down at our little group. I don’t know if he saw me witness that incident, but looking at him I could tell that he was sad and confused, at least that’s what I read from him. some of body langue signs was that his arms were crossed his face was flushed and he looked like he was about to cry. I thought, oh boy as soon as she gets over here he is going to yell at her or something stupid like that. She came over and sat down beside him he turned, smiled and asked, “How was your bathroom break?” I was stunned, how on earth could he of over looked that? I mean I knew he saw it….. at least I think…. why else would he of he of gasped and gave that look? It was all just really very confusing too me. If you haven’t notice I’m a lot like Sheldon from the big bang theory and I not good when it comes to social events.

Anyway I just came to the conclusion that he over looked that because he love her enough, but…. 2 months have passed and I keep thinking that wasn’t it and it was something else….. but what? I have no clue if my friend ever saw that indent she didn’t talk about it so I don’t think that she knows. Should I tell my friend about this? (she has a boyfriend who is a senior sense then, so it’s not like anything bad is going to happen) but I feel like it wouldn’t even matter now sense it was so long ago and it would only bring up bad memories. I know this is very personal and very long (now to mention weird) but, today I can’t seem to get this out of my head and I want an answer so can you help me please?

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