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I have three things to say to you:
A) Everyone has seperate lives. You live yours and they live theirs. Because a problem seems minimal to you doesn’t mean it isn’t to them. They have different values and beliefs and there’s always the chance that that’s just as important to them as something you find important is to you.
B) This site is an online, public, anonymous diary. There’s going to be a lot of diverse problems and even if they often fall under the same category, what does it matter? It just shows the people that feel broken over the same thing that they aren’t alone.
C) Not everything here is petty nonsense. Some people are actually as hurt as they sound. Ages 9 to 99, someone out there’s hurting and they use this as an outlet.

Someone needs something eventually. Next time you’re hurting, try to imagine how it’d feel if someone you didn’t know told you the reason you’re upset is worthless, annoying, and petty.
“The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

One thought on “To the girl who said the world doesn’t revolve around “you and your petty nonsense”:

  1. Chad says:

    Well said.

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