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Have you Noticed how violent and absurd adults are acting these days? Quite often we as humans think “Oh, well that’s just the way they are, always have been, always will be.” NOO! Majority of these people aren’t “Butts By Birth” or “hurricanes on the road to destruction”. More than 20 years of study from scholars at top-notch colleges prove that a great amount of adults who grow up to be preposterous, pompous, and/or even traumatized civilians are do to some form of neglect they experienced within there life time; often linked to bullying. Males have few problems because of this (as an over all sex, not individually) where as females have long lasting effects from these sort of things. 1420 children were brought in for questioning about bulling and over 200 of them openly admitted that they were victims of constant neglect given by fellow peers, adults, etc. Those who were both bullied AND bullies tend to have higher levels of anxiety and depressive disorders, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Meaning NOT ONLY is the victim affected, the imposer is as well. The Next time your about to chew out one of these “Butts” or turn from a “Hurricane” think of this : Butts cant ‘make poop’ on their own and a hurricane’s gotta die out at some point. Be a preventer and not a provoker. Compassion is critical

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