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Do you hang on to save a relation..or do you move on to save your sanity..?

One thought on “what would you do?

  1. MaKenna says:

    Ah. One of the hardest questions of life. I’ve had to answer it myself. My dear friend, we choose sanity, most people that lose their sanity don’t have to choice. Choose sanity for them. For YOU. If someone is detrimental to your life, you heart, you have to choose to live for yourself. Come to terms with the end of a relationship, end it well, end it with no suffering for either of you. Take the love you have for them and put it into something else, something to better yourself, you could change the world with it. Alas, love does not die, it is transferred. Start fresh, clean house and get rid of all the old things around, feel pure. It will be for the best, in time you’ll realize that.

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