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Posted by on 2013/02/20 under Uncategorized

I feel so dark, alone and confused. I find myself countless times throughout my day clutching my heart as this deep, striking pain shoots through it. Tears begin to fill my eyes and right when they are about to drop I catch myself and remember that no one I have around me and/or in my life cares enough to see the silent plea for help.
I don’t need help in the form of money, transportation, or anything like that at these moments the help that screams out of my pores, shouts out from my broken heart is something so simple. A familiar hand on my shoulder, some simple words for my ears to carry to my heart, a gentle but reassuring hug that will allow my soul my heart and my mind to light, beat and realize.
At that moment I hold my breathe, close my eyes tightly and pretend i am just rubbing my eyes. Because for me at this time in my life I have no one, yet everyone around me have needed and received what I so badly need and then some. I then realize I simply must be that unimportant that unloved, I mean so little to those who needed me but cant seem to even fake as if they care for me.
That is when everything for an instant goes black and I just wish I was not living anymore. Just for an instant but it happens countless times a day.

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