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I used to think women didn’t like me, hated me. I thought there was something about me that girls found disgusting. All because I listened to women complaining about me or other dudes. But there’s nothing wrong with me. I make mistakes, trying to impress them. I’m glad there’s space to make errors in this world. I’m glad I can be scared, anxious, and vulnerable. I can be tender, we all can. It’s a given. Thank the ALL Mighty for creating women. I want that selfless love I read about. And that’s something I can’t speak about cause I haven’t known it. It’s like a scientist talking about how the world came to be, without having created it or being there when it was first created. Being here is just sensing and doing, and learning of HIM that did all first. Silence is golden. I read that from a wise man the All Mighty supposedly blessed. He’s not in the bible so I can’t be sure. YES, you can be more aware when you’re silent. You hear clearly, see clearly. ‘Be still and know that I’m God” is in the bible, and when I do that, He always seems glorious. Because he is Glorious. True Glory belongs to Him. Honestly, He has everything I ever wanted, Glory, power, wisdom, love, amazing creativity, graceful, and true Justice. Plus profound awareness, all to an unimaginable extent. He has more, and is more. He’s God, creator of this complex galaxy and huge universe. Creator of this human awareness, human abilities, and all kinds of being on earth. Humans can have a deep consciousness and wisdom. All we see(Earth and the Stars) is Heavenly, cause it came from a Heavenly Heart. Or Being, and we’re made in his image. He’s bigger than our understanding. And I haven’t being treating him with the respect he deserves. I have been found wanting from Him, wisdom, love, and heavenly riches. That’s why I ‘love’ him and want to get to ‘know’ him. I been thinking and praising him in my mind expecting more wisdom. I just realized something, wanting to know this Heavenly being for who He is truly enlightening. To love this Heavenly Father for ‘who’ He is, is extremely good. Loving Him, thinking of Him, Him in the absolute manner without thinking if I’m wiser or expect getting wiser. Just Him. No opinions, rewards, or anything that’s not Heavenly. Approaching Him without considering self. He truly is Glorious. He knows it, and wants us to know it. And it’s good being in awe of his glory. He once asked Abraham “Is there something extraordinary I can’t do?” Genesis 18:14. He was saying there’s nothing he can’t do. And this being is a Saint, purely innocent without a blemish. It’s amazing how this Being is All Mighty, and loves Justice. He has infinite power and won’t abuse it to do any wrong to anybody. Made us in His image and lets us choose freely like He does. He is so just he lets everybody do as they will good or bad. He executes consequences depending on a body’s choices.

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