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ugh i cant get him out of my head. so i have this guy friend an i liked him last year but we’ve started to become really good friends so i thought maybe it be better i move on because i like our friendship and he doesnt like me like that but all of a sudden out of the blue he told me that my old friend was going to tell him something last year but he told her not to and then asked me if i knew what he was talking about and i said “nope not a clue” he said “i know something about you from last year can you think of anything?” and me in my head am going of course she told you i liked you but i know you dont feel the same so im just going to pretend like i have no clue and thats exactly what i did he said again “anything anything at all from last year?” and i just said “ last year..yup nope doesnt ring a bell” and we left it then later he grabbed my hand and when he let go he said “dont like you know you like it when i hold your hand” and i again tried to play it off and said “well i dont hold a guys hand everyday” and he just kept poking “stop lying you know you like it when i hold your hand” and again i was left hanging i didnt know how to respond later when we were laying down on his trampoline looking up at the night sky we talked a little and at one point he looked at me and and i looked at him and he asked if i was cold when i said yes he grabbed my hand and pulled it closer to him . again i played it off and just joked around and told him he was warm. then when our friend who was there but doin his own thing asked “are you guys kissing over there, he said “yes yes we are! haha and made kissing noises” but then said “nah im kidding that would be weird since we’re only friends later he then asked me if i knew what and escumo kiss was i said ya its when you rub your noses together and then said im going to give you an escumo kiss i didnt say anything but he did it twice then i said you know my nose is pretty small then he said “oh ya i guess thats kind of awkward my lips were pretty close to yours” he asked me if i ever wanted to kiss anyone and i didnt know how to respond so we talked about other things and he asked me what color my eyes were and i said brown? its pretty obvious i mean he knows this already yet he felt the need to get closer to my face and see my eye color…in the dark? and just said oh ya they are.. then he grabbed my phone an shined the light in my eyes and got close to my face again and said the same thing later when our friend grabbed the phone an he asked me if i liked this other guy when i told him no he asked our friend for the phone when he asked why he said i want to see her eyes when he wouldnt give it back he got close to my my face and repeated as he did before then found a flash light and did the same and im just thinking its pretty obvious my eyes are brown it doesnt take 4 times and seeing me everyday all day to figure that out haha but what ever sure ill go along an as the night went along he got closer to me and laid facing towards me then put his face touching mine later in that night we got deep into conversation about personal things and when he thought i was crying to myself facing away from him because i didnt want to make a big deal out of something going on in my head he told me the perfect words to cheer me up and got closer to me and he told me “you are not worthless you should never feel that way. you are and amazing girl.” when we went back inside he asked me again if i was okay and i said yes because i was he made everything better but now im left thinking is it my imagination or is this his way of telling me something? ive never seen him this way. hes not a flirt. he’s the type of guy who likes a girl in silence. thats why this is so strange to me. why all of a sudden the need to get the fact that i used to like him out of me why all of a sudden being close enough to hold my hand or get close to me? maybe he’s just being friendly? i dont know what do you think? am i just over reacting? is it too good to be true?

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