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There was a boy I knew. He was a grade ahead of me in school. He was in my English class, and sat right next me. He was so funny, and nice to everyone. He was a faithful Christian. If there was ever something positive to say about someone, you could say it about this boy. He was the drum major of our band, and a guitar player in the show choir. Everyone knew this boy.

On September 24th, he died in a car accident. Also in the car were three of his best friends…and his twin brother.

Even though this boy was not my closest friend, I was shaken. I was crying for days, and I was pained at the thought of his friends and family. I was angry at everyone’s tactless comments in school when they talked about the incident, not realizing that they were amongst some of the grievers.

I went to a candle lighting that we had at the band tower on the day of see you at the pole, and then to his funeral. The funeral was held in a huge Catholic church, and almost every seat was filled. I couldn’t contain my grief as his brother spoke.

Today, I was thinking about him, and went on his Facebook page. I scrolled past all of the grieving messages and pictures from his family, occasionally stopping to watch a video. Then I got to September 17th. That was the date of his 18th birthday. I looked at the happy birthday posts, and his posts, and everything that was so completely…ordinary. Something that happens every day and no one thinks twice about.

This boy was celebrating his 18th birthday with his twin brother, none of them knowing that he only had a week left to live. It’s a scary thought. Some people that have realized that you never know when you’ll die take it to mean to live the funnest life you can.

I take it to mean something different. You never know when someone else will die. The most painstaking thing you could leave someone with is guilt. This boy’s mother regretted letting him go on the college visit they were on the way home from when they flipped the car. His girlfriend regretted stopping texting him and letting him sleep when he could have kept the driver awake. A friend of his regretted the fight they’d had that hadn’t yet been resolved.

So never let yourself be on bad terms with someone you love. Be nice to others. Try to make the people around you as happy as possible. Because when you least know it, someone in your life could be taken away from you, and you won’t be able to tell them you love them until you see them in Heaven.

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