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Posted by on 2013/01/27 under Uncategorized

Im dating someone and the only way we have to talk to each other is messaging on Facebook. I love talking to him, look forward to it every day and all that stuff; but lately hes started saying the word ‘ah’ a lot. It sounds stupid that this would bug me, but if I don’t say something that makes him laugh or happy or that he has something to reply with, all I get in reply is ‘ah’. Its seems stupid that something like this would bug me… but it makes my chest hurt really bad. Ive never had that happen before and I knew it was only a mental pain, but the more he says it, the worse the pain gets.
I wanted to ask him to use a different word or something, but I already ask a lot of him, I shouldn’t be asking him to change a word he uses just because im being an emotional idiot. Im not in a spot to be asking him to change the way he talks to me, much less will I ever be, so I don’t know the point of thinking about it or anything.
Its so stupid to be hurting because of a simple word, and I don’t know why it even makes my chest hurt, but I hate it, and I don’t know what to do about it either.

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