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Posted by on 2011/08/10 under Uncategorized

Well this Summer I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t hung out with any of my friends. School starts Monday and I really wanted to go to the movies with my friend because he is moving to Ohio Friday. Well i asked mom for 15 dollars she said she didn’t have it until Thursday and I would have to wait. Well I can’t. Tomorow is the only day we are going to be able to hang out. I asked her if she could borrow from her friend until Thursday and she said no yet she’s did it before. I mean…really? If one of the f***ing dogs had asked her for a million dollars she would rob a f***ing bank for them, but for me? Yeah not for her own flesh and blood. Who gives a f*** about me right? I wouldn’t be this pissed if everyone knew everything, but they don’t so no one understands how pissed I am. Why don’t I just take a gun and put it down my f***ing throat and end it? Mom would be so happy and have no more worries. Like she already worries about me right now. F*** life. I can’t wait for 10 more months to get away and join the Army. I can’t f***ing wait.

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