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i hate liking sum1 to the point that u no ur being a stupid bi*ch by flirtng but no matter how many times ya tell ur self not 2 ya do it anyway!2 years later ya’d swear i’d learn by now pfttt but no not me, i clearly like feeling like sh*t everytime she sleeps with sum1 and i hear about it (which i always do coz were close friends) but i really wish she didnt tell me these things, she no’s how i feel about her and at 1 point she felt the same but of her were just friends now, however i hate that wen sumtin happens with the person she’s sleepin with she’ll cum back to me flirtin and theres been kissin 2 but i really wish i hadn’t have because it kills me everytime coz i no she loves me as a friend but its way more for me, not sayin i love her doe coz i dont but i really like her snd would love if she gave us a propper shot instead of listenin to her mate (who only doesnt want her t try things with me coz she wants her to get back with an ex) like wat am i meant to think, at times she’s telling me she likes me and is flirtin n rxt s*x n kissin n stuff and the next she is tellin me she loves me as a friend and tells me who she’s seeing like wtf am i meant to do? i no im a total sap for going back the whole time but i dunno how to stop myself coz im mad about her and see her all the time coz were friends and have mutual friends, i dunno wat im to do here, ahhhhhhhh HELP!!!!!

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