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I’m raised to be Catholic. But somehow, along the way, I have lost my faith in god. Its hard for me because even though I have lost my belief, I am still forced to go to church. My whole family is Catholic, and every family gathering, we pray. Can you imagine how awful and awkward I feel praying to a god I don’t believe in anymore? Even if I did tell my family that I don’t believe in god anymore, they would do something like claim that the devil is in me or something along those lines. They would blame things such as the computer and TV for making me think that way, even though I spend most of my time outside or reading and writing books. SIGH, I don’t know what to do….

3 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Closet Atheist says:

    I think I can understand that. I was raised in a very religious family, too, but somewhere along the way I lost my faith. There’s no exact point, I think, just accumulation of things I was disappointed and seeing religious people using their religion as a basis to kill and hurt others. My advice is don’t tell them, at least not directly. It is easier for me because I am an adult already, living alone and apart from my family, but worse things can happen for younger people, at least where I live. Keep it to yourself, and please, for you and for a lot of people, stay a good person. We don’t need god to be good, anyway.

  2. I'm not sure says:

    I know how it is. It’s scary, I can tell you that. I haven’t yet lost my belief but I’m not afraid to say I am in doubt. I’m glad there are other people like me. At least you’re not alone

  3. Anonymous says:

    ya, you’re not alone! i’m in the same boat…

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