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You said you were in love with me. And I felt it. Everything we did together I was always happy and carefree. You took my virginity and I felt ok about it. I told you everything. About my past, about my dreams for the future. And then one day, I wake up, and you are gone. With just a letter left, telling me that you have been seeing another woman for awhile now, and that you are falling for her. I fell to my knees. Because I need you. And even though I hate you, I still love you and I am confused and lost. No one is here for me. And I thought you told me that you would be here forever. What happened to that? Why do I feel like I want to die now, when two months ago, my world was so happy? Why is she better than me? Who even is she, a model? I cannot fall for anyone else. There is no one like you. And I am afraid to fall because the same thing will happen over and over again. My mother warned me about love. My father did the same thing to her as you did me, just simply left. And I grew up wondering who he was. And I always told myself that when I fall in love, I will find someone faithful. Someone committed. Someone who won’t walk out the door. And I found you in that coffee shop three years ago and I knew you were perfect. But then… everything I never wanted happens. And to make things ten times worse, I am pregnant. With a baby boy. And you are not here for me. And I never wanted this to happen. I thought you would make a wonderful father. And the day I was about to tell you, you were gone. You will never see this letter. But I need to write it somewhere, because Eli, you loved me. And I wish I knew why you don’t anymore. Eli, I cared for you. And now our son will never have the father he deserves and I feel bad for bringing him into this life, making him suffer with a bad mother because I need you by my side to do this parenting thing. I know that things will get better. They will. Because I love my unborn son more than anything. Thank you Eli,for giving me a son. I will always love you wherever you are. I am sorry I could not be the girl you wanted to love. Don’t come back.

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