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so, there is this guy. And I really like him, but I wasn’t sure what to do because he has a girlfriend. So I thought he’d never like me back. But the other night we were texting because we are good friends. He has asked me multiple times who I liked and would never tell him the truth. But we made a deal if he answered one question completely honestly I would tell him who I like. I asked him, do you like anyone beside your girlfriend? He said yes, maybe a little bit, but don’t tell anyone. I told him I would never do that to him and I asked if he would tell me who.He said that it was awkward. So I convinced him to tell me and he said he likes me. i couldn’t believe it, it was almost surreal. I mean, I had been crushing on him since day one. And I never even thought he would ever like me back. The problem is, he has a girlfriend. their relationship is on and off though. so I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I suggest that you wait, just for a little while, and see what happens. If this guy had any sense of what was right, he would have held back his feelings for you until he was single. I think he is over his girlfriend if he is moving on to other people. But I don’t want to see you getting hurt or in trouble. Wait until he has made a complete decision about his feelings. Don’t date this guy behind his girlfriend’s back because I promise it is not worth it. Good Luck .xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happened many a time to me and never worked out like a fairytail, but I always found another Prince Charming until I relised that the toad could actually turn into a prince if you kissed him

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like maybe he’s looking for a fall back if he and his current gf break up

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