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I feel f***ing lost. Like a kid in a playground trying to fit in with everyone else even after knowing how much of a douche bag the other kids are. Idk wtf to write to be honest but f*** it right. One thing im done with though is religion. How the f*** does religion even exist. I became athiest. And not cuz i hate god. No. But because there is no god to begin with. There is no proof or evidence in religion and all i keep hearing is you have to have faith. The definition of faith is believing in something without evidence. Im no f***ing slave to go to a building and kneel down for a non existing figure. If someone were to pray for bigfoot that would seem crazy but ohhhh god is a whole diffrent story. Religion is brain wash and it always will be. I respect others and try to spread good and i dont need god to do it. Ignorance is controling the people i love and im sick and tired of it. Understand that there is no god . I mean really?? Adam and eve like wtf!!! Adam is made out of f***ing mud and the story consists of a talking snake. Obviously you dont think snakes can talk but yet people blindly follow religion like its the thing to do . F*** god because god doesnt exist. Have a nice day and if you dont like what i say than go suck a fat —> 8==D jajajaja x)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    im just gonna tell u to read about islam .. its the right religion ..

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