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What do you do when you like a guy but he likes another girl yet you two talk all the time and are practicley best friends. When he almost never talks to the girl he likes. when she walks into the room his eyes light up as a smile appears on his face when the three of us talk I’m usally left out of the convorsation so i walk away. But when she’s not around and its just me and him we are allways laughing and having fun. What do I do? should I tell him how feel? or should I just keep my mouth shut? I’m afraid if I tell him it will ruin our friendship.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Friendship is the best thing. And I think that you should put your feelings on hold for awhile and really get to know this kid. That’s the thing. Boys never like the girls that are there for them. They always fall for someone else. But if you stand by this boy, he will come around. And the person he likes will one day be old news and he will come running to his friend that has been there all along. Good Luck .X

  2. Fernanda says:

    My Opinion, Is To Tell Him How You Feel, Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Sure If You Tell Him, He Might Have A Crush On You, Or Start Likeing You, Believe In Yourself, You Can Do It (;

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