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Posted by on 2012/12/23 under Uncategorized

I dont know why but im feeling so disgusted in myself. i cry when i see myself int he mirror, i envy too many people. i have a draw full of paper that has day-to-day feelings of how i feel. im confused, i feel stupid but most importantly i feel like i dont fit in. i feel like a waste of air on this planet. i somtimes run intot he bathroom during lunch lock myself in and just cry! no’one knows i feel bad about myself. i just feel people would judge me! my parents would probley think its a ‘phase’ or im lying for attention but im not!!! i sometimes cry for no reason! I even think of suicide cause no’one will care im gone. except for the parents who would shed a tear or two. this is killing me inside. i think too myself. why am i not skinny? why am i not pretty? why cant i be popular or not completly a freak!!!i feel like im invisibe and i have no place.!!! what is wrong with me? i dont want the doctors, i dont want pills i just want a simple answer…

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