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yeah I received some monies I just hoping that I am spending it correctly and not overlooking any one or any thing I am trying to get some shoes and some outfits and my hair done maybe but yeah I have know transportation but my feet and maybe a cab if I am not traveling far I don’t have enough time to stand and wait for a bus because I take a chance every time I leave my mom in the house by her self because she falls down some times but I have my cell phone now and I am happy I thought that I was not going to be happy with the cell phones because I did not have enogh money to get the one I wanted but hay I am happy yeah now I have too get jerard one because he liked the one I got have yeah yeah deon tried to act funny today again he said he was going to call me back yeah not be hay f*** that I have other things I can do beside waiting for him to call me yeah I like him and I like our sex we had but dang don’t try and play me cause we have good history yeah donta text me talking about sucking him off ha told you he is trying to take advantage of me cause he knows that I like to suck yet he don’t want to come get me he wants me to meet him knowing I am taking care of my mom yeah I brought me some things to day to eat all GOD is helping me right now I think maybe GOD is giving me a chance now just hope I don’t disappoint him in any way had some drinks today good to smoked some wow I am so freaking thankfull and hope you’re satisfied with how I am spending the money monies moneies I like this page that is allowing me to write I just hope that no body can read or view the things that I am typing about

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