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my whole soul hurts from not being able to f*** a man plus how I am not allowed certin things only when you are using me to bother some one or to motiveate someone whether I agree or not just sometimes after something happens that is good and I think it is for me ha is what appears in my face I have not f***ed in a long time I guess they are going to wait until I have none of me left or the day before I am almost gone the milk in my titts are just sitting not getting massage at all don’t know how the in side of my cooch fill or if it is open or wet sometime I get a period telling me it’s open and stuff is coming out but I don’t know how a penis fills in there but sex I fill like I would like it but I don’t think it would be appreciated just passed around and talked about so how can you enjoy that plus I only been tittie f***ed once and it was so f***ing good made me cum so f***ing hard sucking a mans d*** use to be good because I learned how to make a man cum like that but now I don’t know sexual positions love them yet I can not get sex communications nothing and it has been a long time I am going to end up gone then they’ll get to me I already wasn’t having sex like that maybe twice a week or twice a month to years without sex or sex contact with a man I hurt in side from this but then I think when I was having sex no one appreciated me or what we were doing then they talked about me to their friends beted on disrespected and more but yet I need a man with me to do a lot of things with wow this is like the many years without sex looking at my lines on this page and then I was dealing with no sex and fighting the temptation of touching my self when deon called making me think I had a chance thanks for that no sex people maybe the next time I write on here I might have gotting some sex out of me wow I need a drink of alcohol in my system like now sperm I need you male sperm…….

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