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My best friend just had a baby and I’m already annoyed with this whole situation. I know I have to deal but its so f***in annoying like…We’re both still young and there’s so much I wanted us to be able to do and I feel like now more than ever she ruined it. I was excited and happy at first but now I’m just feeling annoyed. It’s gonna be all she talks about FOREVER and Idk if I can deal with it. I can’t relate to a damn baby bc I don’t HAVE one. Plus her dumbass boyfriend/ex/baby’s dad is bipolar and he is all she ever talks about EVER. So now she’s gonna talk about him and the baby 24 f***in 7 like there’s nothing else to discuss in the world. I mean of course she’s gonna talk about this for a while bc it’s new…understood, but idk if I can ENDURE 3-5 months of baby talk and talk about that a******. I want to talk about guys, go out, have fun, go on trips, drink…you know.
I just feel like a 6 year friendship is near its end

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can totally relate. That’s all she’ll talk about forever, not just 3-5 months. AND on top of it she’ll expect all her friends to cater to her, and if they don’t, she’ll say something like “I lost all my friends after the baby.” Like because she chose to have a baby, the world has to revolve around her, and priorities of people who didn’t get knocked up are selfish and unimportant.

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