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Well, I have a normal life. But the thing is I’m awfully single and guys around me have friends who are girls and chat with them for a long time that I feel let down by my fate. I can’t judge my appearance – I mean if I’m good looking or not, but why is that I don’t have girl friends? I have no right to live in this world.

One thought on “I have no right to live

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious? Of course you have a right to live. Put your hand on your chest. Feel that? It’s called purpose. You are here for a reason don’t just give up. Maybe you cannot find love at this moment in time. That doesn’t mean that your life is a failure. The right person will come along, but until that time, are you just going to be miserable? No! Go out, make friends, eat popcorn, Jump around to music, smile. Because you are here, and one in a million. And that is a perfect reason for some celebration. 🙂

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