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Somewhere on the book of faces, there’s a pretty girl. She has perfect skin, long dark hair and huge, deep, dark eyes. She’s an artist, a musician, a singer and lyricist. She can draw and make models and is inventive, clever and wants to be a doctor. Everyone comments on all of the above. They tell her constantly how pretty she is.

But the pain in her eyes shows all the lies she tells to the world that never looks. It’s there for all the world to see, yet none of them do. Stop all the mindless, mind-numbing, mind-warping, meaningless, insincere commenting and LOOK. Listen. You can hear the screams she’s containing. She only does tbat to make you more comfortable. Be quiet and let her scream. Listen to the way life makes her feel.

Now do the same for someone you claim to love. Do it for your wife, child, lover, sibling, parent, self. Do it for me.


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