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Posted by on 2012/12/13 under Uncategorized

I wonder through this life seeking the air and beauty around me. I feel a bit like a bird flying down but then back to the clouds, back to my thoughts. I hear the phrase bird on a wire. To me this probably means something different than it actually means…to me it means balancing all that you have with relatively nothing holding you but your own will to be there. I don’t think I usually convey to many people how deep my thoughts run. Its hard to explain them without using metaphors and people are generally not willing to think that hard about anyone else. On the one hand I want to share them but selfishly I also like keeping them to myself. Living and swirling inwardly. I express my longing for dreams in somewhat complusive ways: singing, dancing, and finding things that other people have dreamed up in their noggins.

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