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S I was 22 and he had just turned 40 when he started working at the same machine shop. It’s a rule that everyone has to spend two weeks in deburring before they can move out to a machine. So I was assigned as his trainer, to show him the ropes of our computer system, school him on the parts we worked on and just make him feel welcome. My boss always had me train people.

The first time I saw him, my heart skipped a beat, he was beautiful, tall, fit..he looked like Matt Dillon, one of the best looking actors in my opinion. He was wearing a baseball cap, a gray tshirt that fit just right, jeans and work boots. His face was so adorable, even with big dorky safety glasses on. My boss introduced us, he shook my hand and smiled. “Hey, nice to meet you. I like your name.”

Once we got settled at our microscopes and showed him what to do we got deep into conversation about everything, food, cars, the work he was doing on his house, my cats, his dogs, our relationships, our favorite colors, movies, music, he even asked me what my sign was…we spent the whole day, even breaks together, which was not required. Like we just didn’t stop talking and learned a lot about eachother. The two weeks flew by and I felt so attracted to him, but he was married (although on the rocks) and also I felt like he probably saw me as a kid in spite of telling me a good place to get cheaper lingerie haha he wasn’t being perverted, he’d asked me what I was spending all my money on since I made good money but was always broke, and I said Victoria’s Secret. Yes, I was trying to turn him on somehow, and he was oblivious. I would drop things and search for it on the ground with my butt in the air hoping he would stare. I’d wear thin tshirts with cute bras and sit across from him at lunch, but his eyes never seemed to stray.

Even though he went out on the machines we were still taking breaks together which pissed my sister off. She didn’t like him because she said he talked too quietly and she couldn’t understand why I liked hanging out with a 40 year old guy. Well on top of him being super sexy, he had awesome stories and gave great advice, and was really a sweet guy to me, he was kind of a d*** to other people not many of our coworkers liked him. One of my friends said “I hate that guy, he always talks over me. He must love you or something, he never does that to you.” It made me really happy, but mad at the same time that nobody else liked him that much. Of course I never told him what people said, he wouldn’t have cared anyway. That made him even more awesome.

About a year later I got really sick and had to be in the hospital for a week. He gave my sister a card to give me that had a picture of two birds sitting on a branch. Inside he wrote “Get well soon, kid. Everyone misses you. Love, Matt” and there was a big smiley face. I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to get back to work. When I came back he hugged me and said he was happy to see me. I was in heaven. Things were just like before though. We didn’t run off together and sail around the world, making love on the ocean and having beautiful babies, like in my dreams. Every time he talked about his wife yelling at him, throwing things at him, calling him names, holding him back from being himself, not letting him hang out with his long time friends it made me so mad. I asked him why he married her when they were so different. He said that when they met she was really fun and he was 30 and wanted to settle down, and when they got married she became stressed out over everything so easily, and jealous about him doing anything with anyone else, didn’t want to have kids yet and he wanted to start a family so they disagreed on that too. He was like “That’s what I get for marrying a hot headed Sicilian.” I wanted to tell him to divorce her and marry me. But I couldn’t for obvious reasons.

One day he brought in his car that his wife was making him sell. It was a silver convertible Corvette, beautiful car that he loved. Everyone was talking about it all day. I was sitting next to him on break as usual and this lady was like “Can’t you just give the car to me?” He laughed and said “The ONLY person I would give that car to if I could would be Ginger.” I was like “Me? Why?” He said “because you’re such a nice person and you would look good driving it.” The lady rolled her eyes and walked away. Well he ended up selling the car and a couple weeks later his wife kicked him out. He looked like hell for the first time ever. He said it was done and she wanted a divorce because she said she couldn’t stand him anymore. I said “she can’t stand you!? It seems like you’re always bending over backwards to make her happy. She thinks because she has a cleaning business and makes a little more money than you, she’s better than you and you’re some kind of loser? You work 60 hours a week, and sold your prized possession for her. You are one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever met. Matt, you’re so awesome, and fun and open and caring, full of life, AND good looking. Any woman would be lucky to be married to you. I don’t know everything about your wife or marriage, but I know that you don’t deserve to be treated like crap.” He was like “I know, it’s hard though. We’ve been together for a long time and she put up with a lot of s***, but I don’t know why things are falling apart now. I’m going to lose everything I’ve worked for for the last 12 years. Including her.” It was sad. He was kicked out for a couple weeks and had started to cheer up because he figured he could just do what he wanted and be free. He wanted to take his boat and sail to Florida like he always wanted to do. Then one Monday he came in and pulled me aside. He told me she was pregnant.

The news kinda threw me for a loop. In the two years I’d been friends with him I was waiting for the day he would be divorced and I could have my chance to be with him. Even if it was just a kiss and now he was telling me this. I said “So are you guys back together?” He said “..well I have wanted to be a dad for so long. More than anything else. Maybe things will be better between us when the baby is born.” I wanted to cry, but I just said “Well congratulations.” After she gave birth to their daughter he was really happy. His wife was still crazy though. He ended up getting a new job and I never saw him again.

All I can say is that, that b**** is so lucky. He had a hot 20something girl that loved and adored him and had great chemistry with, trying every trick in the book to make him fall in love with her or at least get a boner for her. And he never did because he is an amazing, sweet, genuine man who would put up with anything to honor his marriage and become a father. I still think about him, obviously. And I miss him so much at times it hurts. Sometimes I even have to write about him.

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