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i was alwz lukng fr smething where i cud vent all my feeling,my sorrows ,my joys ,,,,,,feeling lonely most of the time..i had another bad day today ,,it happnes so may times …i dont knw really what i want frm my life.all i want is jst to live a decent life nd make my parents happy..i try mostly not to harm nyone else..but lif’s been tough i was again scolded fr smething i never did,feels miserable…i felt so low ,i cant face the person nymore,the whole morale goes down.everyone else around is so compettive,so gud in their work,its like i am wondering will i be ever able to compete with them…… matter how much i try i end up losing

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ehh, in the end, the losers always win if they keep trying. When you do fail, do not give up just use that as an example to keep you moving forward. Do not try to live up to other people’s expectations. Keep trying your best and I promise that one day you will win.

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