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I have this cousin who lives & were born in the states & im in this asia country. well most of our family is in asia. i havent seen him for long, probably once every 5 years or so. he came back last year for a wedding and we realised we get along quite well. we never really talked to each other before. we were both 18. however we had really limited time last year, we only spent a night together and i got a flight to bkk the next day where he stayed at my house for a few more days till he went back to the states. that was the best and worst day ever. i had to leave him. its like a newly found friend and then u’re forced to leave him.

he popped back 3 days ago cuz my gramps werent in the best of health. his 95. we went out the day he arrived and i couldn’t tell my parents cuz apparently our families had issues. and my cousin wasn’t like a really good role model for his long hair & piercings. i wanna spend a lot of time with him but i got my finals this week. and he’s like leaving next monday. im gonna cry…..): if hes gone this time he’s never coming back. i don’t think he’s got any reason to come back either. its hell exp as well.

and with our family issues, we can’t get out either. its like his mom doesn’t like my parents. see the problem now? my f***ed up family problems ):

as u can tell, im in love with my cousin. we talk like we’re couples. that was last year though.

sry i really needed a place to rant and stay anonymous.

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