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I have so much pain, it’s not fair.

One thought on “Pain

  1. Ayunielissya says:

    I’m new to Dongtini, so I’m just getting chugat up on old podcasts. Here’s my take on the National Anthem videos you posted: Gibbard was hugely more unimpressive than Zooey. Although I like DCFC’s recorded stuff, this a capella attempt was pure, utter horse manure. I agree with Simone that Zooey, in her lower register, was bad the vocal equivalent of a flaccid penis. But her upper register, conversely was the erection. Powerful and imposing on the high notes. Ben Gibbard was just weak and uninspired throughout, lazily sliding between pitches (get it it was a baseball reference almost as bad as Gibbard), and even off-key far too often for a professional singer. Blech.By the way: Is one allowed to use the word flaccid’ to reference anything other than a dong? I know it technically is, but I personally could never utter that word in seriousness other than to describe the functional state of a d***. If Stephy or Simone actually read this message, I would love to hear some commentary on the word flaccid’ in a future podcast.

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