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I’m so confused, I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like someone’s constantly watching me and like people are in my head. It’s like there is a show in my head and people will randomly come into it and speak to me and other people in my head. It’s like I have no control and everthing in my head has become so real… More than actual real life and it’s starting to scare me. I know I/this sounds so stupic but I have to tell someone now. I feel like because of this I can’t do normal things like get changed because even when i’m on my own it’s like i’m in puplic and have to hide myself, I find it hard to have showers now so I have to have baths everyday to hide myself with bubbles. I find that I talk to myself without even realising but in my head I’m talking to someone else but a real person that I know. Like right now I’m hiding my phone under the cover because I don’t want anyone to see this even though I know there’s no-one there. When I’m sat in public I feel like people around me can read my mind or something and know what i’m thinking even if I don’t know them. And when I’m in public I get so self consious! When someone around me laughs I think it’s about me and have to check theres nothing wrong with me or on me. Even if they talk quietly or whisper to each other I think it’s me. It’s got so bad that now even statuses or tweets even from people I don’t know or about things I haven’t even done I think are about me. It’s been like this for years now and it’s gradually getting worse and I can’t take it anymore. At first I thought it was just a short phase but now I know there is something wrong with me. I can’t handle it anymore. Someone please help me?!

3 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa that is scary! My best advice is to not care what others think of you. Because no one really does and that is the truth. People are not laughing at you and they are not talking about you or watching you. And these people inside your head is probably your conscious. It can sometimes over power us as humans. Clear your mind and do some simple breathing. In out, in out. Learn meditation and the keys to relaxing your life. All of these thoughts and feelings are literally inside your head and by clearing them out, you can feel free again

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes.And tell it to someone you trust.All of it.You will be ok

  3. MountainManKev says:

    Most people are thinking about themselves, their problems, jobs, marriages, money, lack of money, etc. Those people thinking about others are probably thinking about people in their circle or celebrities. People are thinking about why they’re not a celebrity. So you see, to strangers, we are not important. Unless of course you have something they want or convince them that you are important. To them. The voices you hear are in your head but that can be scary. Actually, how you are dealing with all of this internal stimuli is the question. It is sometimes more than anyone can handle. Talk to a Psychologist or someone. A psychiatrist will prescribe medication. You will be diagnosed with a mental illness. Talk to a few different professionals. Get help if this is overwhelming. If you see the quality of your life decreasing it’s not a good thing. Be well>

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