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Posted by on 2012/12/02 under Uncategorized

I just want to test how difficult it is to type on an iPad keyboard. I love writing and my girlfriend is going to get me an iPad, which is cool but I said, “what about having a keyboard, so I can continue to write?”

This isn’t too bad though. It’s taking me less time that I anticipated, and actually it might be an improvement because I can type in silence, unlike on a laptop. This would be handy for when we are laying in bed and she’s trying to sleep.

I think someone else has written about contemplating suicide elsewhere on this page. Here I am writing about this insignificant, first world concern. The world is indeed a cold place.

One thought on “Keyboard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not cold in all places.Just be thankful you are on the warmer side for the time being.As you probably are.And try to help those that are close and cold,if you catch my words.

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