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Posted by on 2012/11/30 under Uncategorized

I moved to a new high school this year. I feel like such a loner. Everyone is in a “clique” and I am trying so hard to fit into one. There are the popular kids, which I will never be one. I tried to talk to those girls, but they gave me rude looks and whispered about me. I have tried fitting in the sporty girls group by trying out for soccer, but I never made it and the girls hated me anyway. I have tried music, dance, debate, girls basketball, and drama. All of them led me to even more misery. I am sick of being on the outside looking in. I have been eating lunch alone for the past four months and it is annoying. I miss my old friends back home and the way things used to be. I am not going to change myself in order to fit in I just don’t want that. All of the girls are so mean and the guys all want the mean girls and it goes in a big circle. There is not one person who I like there. I love the new area that I live in, just not the school. I wish there was a way to become liked. I really do.

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