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Posted by on 2012/11/02 under Kids

Dear life,

Why are you so confusing

One thought on “Letters to life

  1. letters to life says:

    i was not finished… oh well still getting used to this.

    …Life why are you so confusing, why must you play with our feelings and put us through emotional and physical stress. I mean i know once you fall you must get back up, you must rise you must live life with your head up high, yet it’s so tiring…you can’t live life with your head up once in a while you must rest your head and let it down, because you can’t keep up a happy life forever, of course that may be the goal for every one, to be happy forever. Maybe we can be happy in life if we just get this and that thing, everything that we ever wanted, but then what after that we get bored, isn’t the chase much more fun then getting it, i mean after a while it will frustrate you, but if nothing happens in your life it will get boring, people with nothing happening in their lives wish something exciting came along their path and people that live with those dramas wish it would stop. Can we ever live life happy? What we should do is live life in content, be happy with what we have. People who lost everything are happy with the smallest things that they get. Water is a treasure in some parts of the world. A roof over your head and shoes on your feet are something to be happy about. So i guess we should be happy of what we have.

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