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Posted by on 2019/11/05 under Kids

i miss talkin to you. forreal you be soooooo funny and smart! dont get me started on your many faces.(you get tht from me) speakin of what you get from who….i been thinkin alot about my dad. i mean ive asked my mom (your grandma0 but i havent gotten far on tht subject that kinda hurts fr.its like once you know your mom (talkin about myself)you want to know the other half tht helped make u too what im tryin to sayis that i know your gonna eventually feel the same way. idk what about him i can really tell u it was a hook up im not gonna sugar coat things for u espesially not nothin like this thats how kids become adults with unknown baggageand issues we hooked ip after i had just gotten back from north carolina it was so much fun down there i thought about movin down there but i aint know anyone down there and i aint want to have u there and things go left and i really aint have nowhere to stay wen i was down there as you grow up im pretty sure ppl are gonna have all tpyes of things to say about me thats the very reason im writing this to you so i can tell you my own story i mean who better to tell it ya know and ima keep it real like i wish my mom did with me i aint perfect i smoke weed currently smokin now lol probably shouldnt tell u this but shoot your likely gonna smoke weed too lol n i dont blame u as long as u smart about it s*** idk wat type of weed will b oit by the time u ready to smoke but njust kno drink water and if u need to come dwn eat somethin with fat in it cuz tht wat the thc sticks to also only eat a bite or two of a new edbile… more tips tricks and advice in next entry

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