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Posted by on 2019/11/05 under Kids

i miss you so much so much has happened to us since you have been born.i know things arent wat i hoped im just ur taken care of. your growing so much so beautiful and smart i cant wait to see u again ive been wantin to start a journal to you and your sister i remember this one time you seen a pic of her on my fridge and you thought it was you i had to tell you no it wasnt you but in fact your older sister.but your stubborn self insisted it was u it was kinda bittersweet cuz you never met her so of course you thought it was you. i wonder what type of things your into i mean your only 3 but still your so mature. i miss seeing your face and hearing you laugh i do have some good news i started this new job this is the job boo im tellin you ima stick with it for a min ima work wit my best friend and set up a bank account or something. i just want to get a new spot make it nice and hae you over sometimes

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