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Posted by on 2018/12/09 under Kids


I'm having a really tough time with my eating disorder today.

I have a bag of chips in the drawer that I am co-morbidizing about.

I don't want to eat it but I am see THE FAMILIAR eat right now and its making me think I'm supposed to stuff my town face.

I don't know what they are planning to do? It seems like wraath.

I am intuiting wrath. I don't know if they know what is going on in my head.

They are both eating chips.

I have been doing my counting. And I still have on bates motel which is kind of calming and something to rely on. Even though I am trying to get off of the entertainment it is so friggin' hard because I am completely surrounded by it and it is so familiar.

I'm doing my best God. If anyone knows about these things its God.

Please carry me the rest of the way. I'm just a monk. I'm not a savior, a judge, a priest, or politician. I'm just a monk. I don't have any desires besides this immediate moment. I really hope that we can get through all the firewalls so there is no longer any need for interpretation.

I am in here God. But God already knows that. I am willing to go on, even if I don't know how.

I am powerless over these co-morbidities, I am powerless over food, I am powerless over sugar, caffeine and opiates. I am powerless over religion, hatred, and war. And I am especially powerless over faith. I don't know what it is but apparently I have it?

I am trying to get out of Gods way. Please help God do that God.

Silently Anonymous,

-The Archer

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