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I am making amends about the desire to cut off my penis.

I was really scared I was gay and then not gay just the sex manaic that everyone made dad out to be, like, men will stick it in any hole they can get, which is probably true.

And I wanted to cut it off for an act of zen. so that i could prove that life might be livable even without a penis.

The Zen masters cut off their fingers so I figured my penis could be a form of that. And there would be no more accusations because there'd be no threat of attack on little children or family members.

If I didn't have penis, there would be no threat of anything and then I could die in peace. (Blissful ignorance, so forth). But Gretchen got all sad about it and started acting out.

Now I am in this mess to fill 10,000 lives of emptiness. I've got 10,000,000 seconds to get through so it seems semi long but it really isnt.

I am just praying that I can work my programmers anonymous program of action to the best of my ability. Please guide me through the blindness of the dark God.

I can't but God can. And I am willing to let Him Happen to me.

Silently Anonymous,

-The Archer

One thought on “Self Mutilators Anonymous

  1. Anonymous says:

    Skeert knocked at the door, the faithless answered and nobody was there. (was somebody supposed to be there?)

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