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Posted by on 2012/02/27 under Kids

Ok, I`ll spill because I`m not named…I have been treated like s*** for years by my boy friend.Not physicality but I feel like I`m his maid.I pick up after him and the kids..I feel he is only sticking around for my body.I don`t know what to do when I`m tempted to scream at him.Sharr and Lave (my kids) are telling me they don`t like him..I have a feeling I should trust my kids even if they are 12 and 14.I need to have a better life for my family, without him.

3 thoughts on “26-02-12(22:11:07)

  1. Maay says:

    Wow…I feel others are going through what I am!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trust what your kids have to say. Do what you think is right for you and your kids.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please leave him right now, Please do it for your kids. Please get him out of your life. Please please do it. You and your kids will be very happy, you do not need him.

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