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Posted by on 2012/01/27 under Games

I need help with my bad habbits. i feel like im being stepped on, and im not doing well in sports as i have before. I dont want to be the person everyone thinks sucks. I practice hard every day i have practice and i still am not happy with my results. Im negative on myself and i want to quit being negative.what should i do about this?

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  1. Murat says:

    Hi, I have lived in Northern California in the Oakland area for years and 4 years ago moved to Southern California Long Beach. I had bad allergies in Oakland every year but no athsma. 4 years ago I moved to Long Beach and here I developed a really bad case of athsma with 4 hospital visits in the last 2 allergy seasons. Can’t say that I recommend California unless perhaps you are RIGHT ON THE COAST in a windy town where the wind continuously blows from the ocean and you live on the beach. And then just MAYBE But, coastal California is EXPENSIVE. And, you’d probably have to drive inland to work. So Good Luck.

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