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Posted by on 2012/11/01 under Friends

So me and my bff abbey are planning to go trick or treating tonight. We have been friends since a few weeks before kindergarden. We are in fifth grade now. I have a kind of friend named lydia. she is new to the school this year. Her and abbey are a little better friends than i am. Well its kinda complicated. i was one of her best friends, but i am starting to back away. i am TIRED, just TIRED of it! lydia and abbey are always together now! abbey and i used to be the best of friends and do everything together! now its the three of use, but usually when we are with lydia, which is always now, i feel excluded. so anyways, just before school was about to be let out, lydia suggested we go trick or treating together. abbey stood kinda up for me and said we can’t really do it last minute. then lydia said she would be over at my house at 5:45 to go out. and then i was like, well maybe my mom doesn’t want to go out and we probably aren’t going. That was a lie, but i would do anything to be ALONE with abbey. then she said we should just have a party at my house inside instead and i said it was too last minute. after school when abbey and i were alone doing afterschool helping, abbey was saying she felt bad for lydia. all she ever talked about was how she felt bad that lydia couldn’t come and we should have planned this sooner. i was agreeing with her and saying “yeah! I feel soooo bad for her” and acting all real about it, but secretly i was really glad! uggh! i don’t know what to do!

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